Sunday, May 20, 2007

Interdit de lutter, fumer, cracher, vomir dans le car

Think I might append it to the title bar, just to ensure my French readers don't start taking liberties and sullying the grounds of this pristine, almost Singaporean cyberscape with their gallic expectorations, gauloisic exhalations, gastronomic ejaculations and generally revolutionary exertions.

An undoubtedly wise man once said, "Pygmy Minds could polynate retribution activity for incautious verbosity. Reality Guide Books are best written with the benefit of hingsight - and distance!"; for those of you who are wondering to what it is reference, see the previous posting!

Caution and advice duly noted - 'duly' a word seldom written and, therefore, consigned to a life of looking wrong. Noted, doesn't mean obeyed. This furrow is deep and the ground is good to soft ... may as well keep on ploughing.

Sat, as I am, in Extremely Northern Cameroonian climes, a lone scotsman in a sea of quasi- and real Mohammedans (quasi, that's to say only in appearance), craving a bacon sandwich and dreaming of bangers and mash, it suddenly occured to me whether or not there be any link between fondness for and, therefore, popular consumption of porcine produce and 'Development'.

Is there, indeed, a Bacon Index? I've no idea what, if anything, the answer to this question might imply but you never know if you don't ask so, hence the asking. Have a think ... there might just be something there or is it just me? If, of course, there is a link then the hurdle's a massive one, not that it's not already fairly monstrous, the Bacon index just adds a little, what the french like to call, 'hon-he-hon-he-hon'.