Friday, November 14, 2008

This ain't no technological breakdown ... Oh no. This is the road to Hell.

Another moment in time's eternal tocking when pent up verbosity forces aside the curtain of discretion and releases the torrent of inanity shored up behind it's all too ineffective walls.

It's been a while since I daubed on these ephemeral walls but now it would seem time is lending itself once more to a re-acquainting with the kaleidescope of life ... it's time again to carpe hatum as who knows where this could go.

You may be wondering why there's a big yellow and black banner, dangling incongruously down the starboard side of this usually wholly word-oriented offering. It's a modicum of publicity for a film that this surfer on the sea of skint-ertainment recently partook of. A film whose content will have you trawling the supermarket aisles in search of offending products and considering a life of vigilante consumerism.

Now I like bacon as much as the next man. Sausages I'd rank myself among their more sycophantic devotees. Ham, pork and black pudding. Breakfast would be bereft without the all too succulent products of the pig. I'm not a bleeding-heart liberal about to expound the benefits of vegetarianism: there's far too much carnivore in me to even consider it, but ... what I saw in Tracy Worcester's PigBusiness was enough to turn my stomach.

The treatment of the pigs was one thing; the reckless disregard for communities and the environment was something else. The fact that it's all being done to stuff the already burgeoning coffers of Transatlantic multinationals and to bring us, the 'conveniencely anaesthetised', cheap bacon is criminal.

The light-hearted ramble that is my trademark has warped into a proselytising rant and call to arms.

I can't say half of what I'd like without inducing visual haemorrhaging and so I will curtail my preaching and point you in the direction of the website PigBusiness ... it doesn't say much at the moment but you'll hear about it sooner or later.

Twixt then and now, if you must buy your porcine produce from a supermarket, if it doesn't say "Source: UK" just be aware that it may well have been exposed to the same sort of cruelty that spawned the revolt against the battery farming of hens. If you can't buy local, at least make sure it's British.

This aint no misguided pseudo-nationalistic crusade (you know me better than that) ... Oh no. This is all about the pigs ...

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  1. Anonymous12:23 am

    Smoke(d) ham mirrors, me thinks.
    Will keep an eye out.
    Chop chop.
    Cas pea and ham


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