Sunday, November 22, 2015

Stuff and Nonsense

Sitting in assembly the other day, I suddenly became aware of the self-righteous and utterly ridiculous twaddle that schools forcibly stuff down the collected maws of those of us who otherwise have the pleasure to work there or are incarcerated therein, against their will, on a daily basis (their implication, my words).
"As you all know," said the deputy, "we are an anti-bullying school [...]" and so she went on.
And that was where the twaddle became so eminently clear: Are there any pro-bullying schools out there? Or how about schools that don't respect rights? What about schools that don't espouse healthy eating and instead feed their pupils on saturated fat and carbonated soft drinks through an intravenous drip?
How about schools that have a ritualistic tyre burning ceremony to kick off every day before serving a lunchtime menu of deep fried panda, rather than recycle?
Who are we fooling and, more to the point, why do we spend so much time jumping through these well-intentioned hoops.
Just a thought.

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